Fresh Friday | 20 Oct

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week’s menu is all over the place. A little bit of India, a stop over in Italy and a dessert destination in Mexico. It promises to be a journey full of flavour and aroma without the check in and gate lounge hustle.

See you on Friday,

Ciao, Peter

Fresh Friday | 13 October

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week we are off to Asia! Beginning in China, the moving to Thailand and finishing somewhere around Singapore. The entrée is a much loved Cantonese soup featuring chicken and sweetcorn. Main course features grilled Wagyu beef rib eye in a Thai salad. Finally to finish I am making a Yuzu lemon and mango trifle topped with salted cashews.

So there you go, a culinary trip to Asia without leaving home.

See you on Friday!


Fresh Friday | 6 October

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week’s menu is a splash of luxury, well worth a celebration. So if you have a reason to celebrate already, then this is for you, if not, find a reason because its worth a party! Celeriac is an odd looking vegetable with a fabulous flavour, teamed with garlic, parmesan, sage and truffle oil, it’s a symphony. Our main course this week is a traditional Sicilian seafood dish, built on seafood, garlic, lemon, and tomatoes. Dessert are our beautiful cannoli.

I do hope you enjoy the flavours, aromas and textures of this week’s menu.

Ciao, Peter

Fresh Friday | 22 September

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week’s menu is a simple one, focussing on beautiful ingredients and great techniques. The arancini are ready for you to bake and serve, accompanied by a rich Napoli sauce and a fresh rocket salad topped with grated Italian parmesan and dressed with our much celebrated, Beetroot Finishing Vinegar. The main course is followed by my Tira Mi Su. Made using our White Belgian Chocolate Mousse powder, it’s a show stopper!

I hope to see you on Friday,

Ciao, Peter

Fresh Friday | 15 September

Dear Fresh Friday Friends,

This week I am making an Italian inspired menu with a twist, just for fun. The entrée uses a beautiful cured pork cut, which we fry to crisp and sprinkle over new seasons asparagus from Koo-Wee-Rup in Victoria. After you warm the dish in your oven, it is dressed with our Champion Black Cherry Finishing Vinegar and topped with fine Italian parmesan. For main course I am using Japanese Udon noodles instead of traditional pasta. Udon noodles are soft, slippery and slightly chewy. I promise you will be delighted with the combination of either Italian sauces with the Japanese Udon noodles. This week’s dessert are our show stopping Cannoli, with white chocolate hibiscus ricotta or dark chocolate hibiscus filling, both are made with our Belgian Chocolate mousse products.

I hope to see you all on Friday, Ciao Peter