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admin / Nov 1, 2016

Hi, Three years ago we started making videos of the Nicholson Fine Foods products and how best to use them.  In the beginning we rolled the camera, recorded live image and sound, then patched together the final edit. Over time we played with different ideas, short 10 second videos, longer more elaborate ones, even a road trip version we called Yamba Prawn Road Trip. Of late, we have started to do voice overs and shoot just my hands doing the preparation, cooking and presentation. This style is very clean and give us the opportunity to edit without the limitations of a prerecorded script. The videos are hosted on YouTube and linked through to the website player on the home page.  click here to see the YouTube channel. I must say a big thank you to both Darcy and Bryce for all the work and passion they have put in to make this channel the best we can. Without these two, there wouldn't be a channel at all. You can subscribe to the channel, this lets you receive the latest updates as they are posted. If you have a favorite video i would love to know. Enjoy and salut,  Peter Nicholson.