Belgian Chocolate Burger with crushed berries

admin / Oct 2, 2015

Belgian Chocolate Burger with crushed berries  10 serves Dinner party dynamite! Degree of difficulty, easy and fun. See the video recipe on this website. Ingredient                                                                           amount
  • Belgian Chocolate Mousse - Classic chocolate                      1 x 150g pkt
  • Water                                                                                             150ml
  • Thickened cream                                                                         1 x 300ml
  • Biscuits (Chocolate Ripple)                                                        1.5 pkts
  • Fresh berries (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries)       1 punnet of each
  • Sugar- castor                                                                                  70g
  • Time                                                                                                 30min
  • Open the Belgian Chocolate mousse packet and pour powder into a bowl
  • measure water and stir into the powder until a thick fragrant paste is formed, this will take about 60 seconds
  • whip cream until thick, fold 20% into the paste and then remaining cream, now you have your Belgian Chocolate Mousse made.
  • spread biscuits on plastic lined tray flat side up
  • Fill piping bag with mousse and pipe onto biscuits in a cone shape
  • The chocolate filling must be equal to the thickness of 2 biscuits when pressed down
  • Top mousse with second biscuit flat side down and press lightly to level mousse to the outside edge of the biscuit.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and store for a minimum of 12 hours to soften.
  • Wash, hull and halve strawberries.
  • Warm blueberries in a pan with half the sugar until they start to bleed.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and fold through the strawberries and remaining sugar. Leave to cool.
  • Fold in raspberries just prior to serving to prevent damaging them.
  • To serve, dust burgers with cocoa powder and set on plate add the crushed berries to one side and drizzle any syrup around the plate.
  • Shelf life of 5 days can be expected when storing the burgers
  • The burgers can also be frozen for up to 1 month in a sealed container and be serve frozen on a hot day.
Equipment Tray, piping bag, plastic wrap, pan