Nicholson Fine Foods provides technical expertise and products to other manufacturing businesses across Australia.

These businesses include olive oil growers, fruit growers, pie manufacturers, dairy dessert manufacturers and burger franchise operators.

We provide our base formula products in bulk, for manufacturers to use in their own product ranges. Benefits to manufacturers include simplicity, quality, profitability, strength of product formulation and technical support.

We can also provide technical expertise for developing retail and food service product ranges. Areas where we provide advice are; initial scoping design, formulation, ingredient choice specifications, process design, shelf-life stability and testing, packaging design and application, labeling design, logistical supply forecasting and advise on costing, profitability, sales channels and market testing.

Nicholson Fine Foods has a proven track record of successful design, development, production and sales of specialty artisan foods in Australia and can help your business in solving problems through developed solutions.

See the awards list for confirmation on our capacity to create great products.