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Mustard Lovers

For Mustard Lovers

  • $17.25

    Mustard Lovers Hot Mustard Dressing

    For lovers of hot mustard.  A sentaional blend of organic olive oil steeped with black mustard, wine vinegar, local Yamba honey, ground mustard, salt and pepper.  Use with crisp salad leaves, seafood, grilled meats, vegetables and especially ham.  Winner Silver Medal Sydney Royal 2019

  • $25.00

    Mustard Lovers Premium Cold Pressed Mustard Infused Organic Olive Oil

    Big, floral, herbaceous, hot, spicy are all words to describe the complexity and power of this oil. use with sashimi, carpaccio, seafood, steaks, sauces and dressings. Made for lovers of mustard. Once tasted, never forgotten.


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