Q. Can I place an order over the phone?

A. Yes, orders can be placed during business hours by phone, payment is taken using our eftpos terminal.

Q. Can I order using email?

A. Yes you can order using email, payment is taken using our eftpos terminal.

Q. If I pay using eftpos when making a phone or email order, which cards can I use?

A. When paying by eftpos, we can take MasterCard, Visa and Dinners Club. We do not charge any extra for using these cards. The receipt from the eftpos transaction and a commercial invoice are sent with your order.

Q. Do you keep any records of my credit or debit card?

A. No we do not keep any records of your credit or debit card.

Q. Do you charge shipping for orders in Australia?

A. Any order above $40.00 is shipped free of charge in Australia.

Q. Do you charge for international shipping?

A. Yes, we use Australia Post for all international shipping.