Fresh Friday | 1 July

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

With the prospect of more rain, wind and cold weather, I thought it would be good to have a Scottish “crofters style soup” rich with the slow simmered flavours of vegetables, yellow peas and ham hocks. A baked Louisiana style Atlantic salmon, crusted with our Blackened Cajun Spice mix should also insulate from the winter chill. The dessert star is Belgian chocolate, matched with some lovely small sour red fruits called barberries. They have a cherry / raspberry flavour and match perfectly with chocolate. The dessert also features our Golden Vanilla Garnishing Pearls.


Fresh Friday | 24 June

Hi there,

Fresh Friday this week visits the state of Goa on the west coast of India. Goan history brings complexity to its cuisine, with influence from Portugal for 450 years ending in 1961.

Fresh Friday | 17 June

Hello Fresh Friday friends,

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks dishes as much as I did. Revisiting the classic Black Forest cake as a trifle was a trip down memory lane, such a great combination of sour cherries, chocolate, sponge and cream(I used our white chocolate mousse instead of cream). See below for this week:

Fresh Friday | 3 June

Dear Fresh Friday friends, once again I have decided to make some personal favourite dishes for this weeks menu. This quintessential French soup was a classic in the 1970’s when I was an apprentice at Wrest Point in Hobart. Our main course is a perennial favourite for many people and is also a great vegetarian dish. The dessert tart exhibits all the great dessert attributes, crisp, creamy, crunchy, sweet, sour and fruity. What’s not to love?

Fresh Friday | 27 May

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week I have decided to make some of my favourite dishes from Italy. All are examples of honest, rustic cooking that the Italians are so famous for. So you can expect big engaging flavours featuring both cured, fresh and fermented ingredients like parmesan, olives, pancetta, anchovies and fresh herbs. So live the sweet life, of la dolce vita!