Fresh Friday | 1 Dec

Dear Fresh Friday Friends,

This week I am making a classic dish from Singapore called “Chicken Rice” or Hai Nam Chicken. It’s a wonderful comforting dish with a fabulous palate of flavours, aromas and textures. Its all about technique and the restrained elegance of “less is more”. (Scroll down to order).

The whole free range chickens are poached slowly in a specially flavoured stock and cooled in ice water. The dish comes with 3 sauces, salad vegetables, the chicken is dressed with sesame and the accompanying jasmine rice is cooked with the reduced stock. It’s a party on a plate and can be eaten either cool or warm.

Dessert is a fresh made mango and raspberry trifle, perfect for the season.

I hope to see you on Friday, if not then some time soon.

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Ciao, Peter

Fresh Friday | 24 November

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

This week’s menu is light and breezy, featuring our fabulous Pomegranate molasses, matched with prosciutto ham, bocconcini cheese and summer melon. The Zesty bruschetta seasoning sprinkle adds flavour to the spinach and ricotta lasagne. Finally our Belgian white chocolate mousse features in a tart with a new product, Pink Grapefruit Garnishing Pearls.

It all sounds rather special..

Anyway I hope to see you on Friday.

Ciao, Peter

Fresh Friday | 10 Nov

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

Italy and France are the theme dish countries this week. We begin with a traditional minestrone soup, finished with wonderful aged parmesan and extra virgin olive oil harvested from 90 year old trees in western Victoria. This is not to be missed. Main course is a French inspired dish, braised chicken tenderloins with leek and green peppercorns, aromatic pilaf rice and steamed green beans. Dessert is an elegant lemon and raspberry tart, stunningly simple.

I hope to see you on Friday, apparently more rain is on the way!

Lucky us. Cheers Peter

Fresh Friday | 3 Nov

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

Once again the weather can’t make its mind up, 34 degrees one day and 24 degrees the next. Still we are very lucky to live in our wonderful Clarence Valley. This week’s menu once again is a mixed bag, the soup is distinctly French, main course is from Southern Carolina in the USA, and our dessert takes its inspiration from the Black Forest in Germany.


I am not sure what the weekend weather will bring, but rest assured there will be great food on Friday!

Cheers Peter

Fresh Friday | 27 October

Dear Fresh Friday friends,

With summer feeling like its overtaken spring with begin this week’s menu with a Sicilian summer salad, a perfect start on a warm evening. Main course is an Italian classic Chicken Cacciatore, originating in Milano, ours is served with giant shell pasta, flecked with green herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Finally we finish with our best chocolate cannoli, two versions, dark chocolate and white chocolate ricotta, both will be dipped in ground pistachio nuts.


I am looking forward to preparing the menu, see you on Friday, Ciao Peter