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  • Finishing Vinegar

    Spiced Red Pepper Finishing Vinegar

    Made with red Cayenne chillies & red capsicums, this Finishing Vinegar has a beautiful warm sweet – sour aroma and flavour, with just enough heat to make it spicy but not burning hot. Gold Medal Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2013.

    For something completely different serve over dark chocolate ice-cream!

    Available in 265ml retail  or 825ml value size
    When ordering the 825ml size bottle, you will receive a bonus 100ml Italian designed, elegant, heavy glass “table bottle” to decanter the Finishing Vinegar into. Refilling the “table bottle” helps to reduce the products carbon footprint, glass wastage and landfill.

  • $10.00

    Jelly for Cheese – Red Pepper

    Designed and Made in Australia by Nicholson Fine Foods.These beautiful soft jellies have been created to accompany your favourite cheeses and add a new level of flavour and texture matching to many other foods. Silver Medal Royal Hobart Fine Food awards 2014.

  • $69.00

    ” The Chocolate and Spice” Champions Gift Box

    ” The Chocolate and Spice” Champions Gift Box

    The Champions Gift Box includes

    1x Red Pepper Finishing Vinegar  265ml
    1x Blackened Cajun Spice Mix 90g                                                                                    1x Northern Rivers BBQ Essence 250ml
    1x Belgian Chocolate Mousse – White Chocolate 150g

    See recipe videos for an interesting and fun recipe for your Belgian Chocolate White Mousse as a ricotta filling for cannoli.


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