Spiced Red Pepper Finishing Vinegar


Made with red Cayenne chillies & red capsicums, this Finishing Vinegar has a beautiful warm sweet – sour aroma and flavour, with just enough heat to make it spicy but not burning hot.


It can be used as a splash with seafood, chicken, pork, vegetable and salads. Mixed with mayonnaise it makes a wonderful seafood dipping sauce or added to a casserole at the last minute it will bring all the flavours together.


For something completely different, serve over dark chocolate ice-cream!


Available in 265ml retail  or 825ml value size
When ordering the 825ml size bottle, you will receive a bonus 100ml Italian designed, elegant, heavy glass “table bottle” to decanter the Finishing Vinegar into. Refilling the “table bottle” helps to reduce the products carbon footprint, glass wastage and landfill.




265ml $17.25

825ml $42.00

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